Pleasant Places – Psalm 16:6

“The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.” Psalm 16:6

Delighting ourselves in the Lord, we open our hearts to see that the lines have fallen for us in pleasant places. When I allow other things to shadow my delight in God, whether I begin to focus on other sources of happiness or I focus on what I don’t have, my heart starts to harden and close. I miss those pleasant places. My outlook becomes negative and discouraging.

I pray that the Lord would make our hearts tender, that we would trust Him, delight in Him, and be able to fully enjoy the paths of our life. There is joy to be found and experienced. God has made a way for us to know Him personally, not to know of Him from a distance. We are no longer alone. We have a place where we belong, and it is the place of more fulfillment, purpose, and delight than any other. We belong in the family of God. We have peace and assurance that we will never be forsaken. We have confidence that God has outlined our days, that He is ordaining how the lines of our lives fall, and that He has a good, holy purpose in all of it.

Trust that the lines have fallen—that they are falling—for you in pleasant places. “The LORD is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him” (Lamentations 3:25). Open your heart and trust Him to be faithful. Your joy, your dreams, and your hope are all safe with Him. He does not dole out disappointed stories. He pours out love and grace as He unfolds His glory and power in your life.

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