Lift Up My Soul – Psalm 25:1

“To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul” Psalm 25:1

How beautiful it is that we can lift up our souls to God without fear. Whatever our distresses, however long we’ve struggled with the same issues, no matter how deep our fears and scars go, we can come before our Lord at any moment and know that He hears us. And He understands.

Lifting up my soul means lifting up everything that I am. Everything that characterizes and defines me. Holding back nothing. It goes past surface prayers, surface beliefs. It demonstrates trust that God will not cast me aside, that He will not pour out judgment. He will listen with compassion and wisdom. At times the answers may seem difficult or even harsh, because our God will not mince words or paint over our sins, but all is given in perfect love as He faithfully guides me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.

We can make ourselves vulnerable before Him. We can shed barriers and masks and be entirely authentic here. Our Lord is personally aware of each detail, and yet He loves us unceasingly, so we need not fear His reaction to our admissions and struggles.

Father God, You are such a wonderful refuge for us. One in which we can be entirely transparent and vulnerable. We must guard our hearts from many things, but never from You. It’s so hard to uncover all of the shame and fears we hold deep inside, but You already know all of them. And Your reaction will not be frustration or wrath, but will instead be strength and grace to help us overcome them in faith. Because You are greater. And if we will truly, fully believe all that Your Word tells us, all that Your Spirit reveals to us as truth, we can walk through life with the peace and strength of Christ. Strengthen our hearts to know Your perfect love, that it may drive out every fear as we draw nearer to You.

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