Meet Me Here – James 4:8

“By day the LORD commands his steadfast love; and at night his song is with me, a prayer to the God of my life.” Psalm 42:8

“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.” James 4:8a

This morning I was having trouble focusing. As I read over the words of Scripture, they just weren’t clicking. My thoughts weren’t locked in. So I shifted things a bit. Started my Audrey Assad station on Pandora, took out my journal, and simply began writing out my thoughts to God. Because all I wanted was time spent with my Lord, and I figured that counts. Music playing, journal out, heart content knowing that God will meet me here.

Then the wonder of that began to awaken in my soul. He meets me here. The God of Heaven. Creator of everything—blades of grass, great mountains, ocean depths and the creatures in them, planets and their orbits, stars, galaxies, nebulae, pulsars. All things smaller than I can see and greater than I can fathom, He imagined and created them all. He breathes life into every living thing, and spiritual life into the souls of His chosen when they turn to Him. He opens our eyes to see the depths of our wickedness and sin. He makes known to our hearts the truth of what He’s done to save us. He is great. The Lord Most High. The One about whom angels and creatures in heaven are singing endlessly. Mere glimpses of His unsearchable greatness leave us speechless in awe. This is the One who desires to meet me here. Right where I am. No matter what my day holds—even if it’s the most mundane and uneventful day—He wants me to share it with Him. Because He makes my moments come alive and shine with His faithfulness and infinite grace.

I seek the face of my Lord. I draw near to Him through worship, through the reading of His Word, through prayer, through a heart that longs to know Him more. And He in turn draws near to me. He honors my seeking by showing up.

Something that I find even more amazing to dwell on is that when I stray, He comes to find me. This Holy God who can’t even look at sin because He is infinitely just and righteous seeks me out when I fall. His lost sheep. The one falling for the lies of the world. The one believing something else could be better than Him. Then as I find myself lost in shame and guilt, broken and condemned, my Savior finds me in my darkness. He breaks in with light and hope. I experience anew the magnificence of His grace and the steadfastness of His love. Because He comes for me. He draws me out. He clothes me in His righteousness, because Jesus Christ has paid the price for my sin. The evil in my heart has been paid for on the cross. In Christ, I am forgiven and no longer condemned. The Spirit speaks truth to my heart about the joy and freedom found in Him. “By this we shall know that we are of the truth and reassure our heart before him; for whenever our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and he knows everything” (1 John 3:19-20).

Lord, strengthen our hearts to know the wonder of how You love us. May we be left in awe as we consider the fact that You draw near to us. Wherever we are. We do not seek You in vain. And when we stray, You come to find us. This truth will remain throughout our lives. Because Your Word never fails. Your faithfulness never wavers. Thank You for being such a personal God. For desiring a relationship with us. For delighting in us as we delight in You. For seeing us at all times and coming to find us. Thank You that this life is a walk with You, moment by moment. You don’t show up for a short time to check in and then go off to do other things. You stay. You dwell here. You abide and we choose to abide in You. And our lives are made glorious because You are present here.

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