Wonderful Testimonies – Psalm 119:129

“Your testimonies are wonderful; therefore my soul keeps them.” Psalm 119:129

This is a statement that our eyes have been opened to see the value and the wonderful quality of the testimonies and commandments of God. It’s a bit different than saying His promises and His goodness are wonderful. It’s more of a challenge to our way of thinking and requires a mindset and focus shift off of ourselves, setting our eyes on the glory of God and pursuing Him with our whole heart.

It got me to thinking about why His testimonies would be wonderful. Why His law and commands deserve that classification. They are wonderful because they set us free. They are wonderful because they challenge us and drive us to a life lived not for ourselves, but for the glory of God and for the benefit of those around us. They are wonderful because they highlight the surpassing greatness of our God, showcasing His holiness, righteousness, justice, and faithfulness. His glorious perfection is seen in the high callings on our lives. His beautiful characteristics are displayed therein.

Recognizing this, our soul delights in the commands of God because they show us who our God is and what He values. They allow us to see His heart. So we cast all else aside and run toward the One who is supremely worthy and supremely satisfying.

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