When Cares are Many – Psalm 94:19

“When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.” Psalm 94:19

I love that the comfort and joy of my Lord aren’t just surface, momentary fixes. “Your consolations cheer my soul.” In the midst of worries and distress, when the heart is burdened by many weights, God’s comfort enters in and cheers our soul.

It goes so much deeper than anything else. God gets to the root of what we’re dealing with. Even if we don’t know what that is and we don’t really even know what to ask Him for, He knows all things. He sees it all and understands it fully. He knows what we need. He knows what will bring us complete peace and assurance, what will sustain us and restore our joy.

Anyone can find a surface comfort. Something to numb the pain or relieve stress for a moment. But only our Lord can cheer the soul. Only His joy can penetrate that far. Only the God of Heaven, the God of all comfort, can speak to our heart in ways that are greater than words. His Spirit reinforces truth, strengthens our heart, and floods us with peace. Even when the cares of our heart are many. No amount is too great for God to break through in light and glory. His hope pierces through and we are upheld, our face lifted, by His steadfast love.

Lord Jesus, thank You for reconciling us to the Father, the God of all comfort. We can enter into the presence of God Most High without fear solely because of Your sacrifice on the cross. Thank You for being our perfect help and our everlasting joy. Father God, draw us near to Your heart. Fill us with joy in Your presence. Be near us always. Holy Spirit, work within us to change us and make us like Christ, that His peace would forever rule in our heart. Open our eyes to truth—truth about who You are and who we are in You. Truth about where our hope lies. Truth about the One who is sovereign, Who loves us steadfastly and Who is faithful to us in each moment.

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