Our God, Our Help, In Our Midst – Psalm 46:5,7

“God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns…The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.” Psalm 46:5, 7

God is in the midst of His people. He is in the midst of your life. Actively working to draw you closer to Him. Fighting for your joy, never giving up on you, and never failing to accomplish every purpose He has set. So when life begins to shake and we are faced with the unexpected, our faith doesn’t have to be shaken with it. We can rest assured that God is here.

Looking at the phrase “when morning dawns,” I began to think about how the moments when morning seems to dawn in our lives, it’s often a sign of change. A new chapter, a new start. Which can be exciting, refreshing, and what you’ve prayed and longed for. But there can also be fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of unforeseen challenges. Fear of failure, hurt, or disappointment. At times I think we settle in what is familiar simply because it’s easier. We know that path, we know pretty well how to navigate the issues that arise because we’ve seen and battled them before. But when morning dawns and there is an unfamiliar landscape before us, however beautiful it may seem, our hearts can become guarded at the sight of something new.

But whether a new chapter arises with hopes and promise and light or it rushes upon us with clear challenges and difficulties and pain that we didn’t expect, God will help us. We are not alone here. Whatever lies before us, God has already walked the path. He has prepared the way. He knows exactly what is ahead and all that we will need to make it through—because really, all we need is Him. He is our portion and the strength of our heart, and He is enough. Our great God is enough, no matter how impossible things look.

Verse 10 begins, “Be still, and know that I am God.” The One who is so faithful to us; the One who will never let us down and has promised to never leave us or cast us aside; the One who shows us grace and compassion, fills us with His strength, and desires for our joy to be full and our life to be abundant; He is God. No one and nothing else has that claim. He is God. He is in charge. He is all-powerful and all-glorious. And He came to earth and gave His life to save us. Jesus, the One who welcomed children into His presence and dined with sinners and reached out to touch and heal lepers—He is the God to whom we look. So we can be still, because we are safe here. We don’t have to work to gain favor. We don’t have to worry ourselves sick over situations we can’t control. We don’t have to shake with fear. We don’t have to wonder if there is anyone who loves us, anyone who understands, or anyone who sees us at all. Because God loves us more deeply and purely than we can fathom. He understands the very depths of our heart, every pain and fear and hope. He sees us each moment, and keeps us always in His mighty hand. We can be still, because He is God. No one else. Just Him. And that is a beautiful reality. A God of steadfast love, faithfulness, justice, righteousness, and grace.

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