Seeking Continually – Psalm 105:4

“Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his presence continually!” Psalm 105:4

This verse, this reminder, would have been very applicable to me yesterday. Various stressors kind of piled up on me, and I struggled to find peace in what I was facing. So much was pulling for my attention that I couldn’t just focus on one thing at a time…nor did it seem possible to make time to step away from it all and regain some peace and perspective.

What likely would have helped more than anything would have been to create a moment or two to spend with my Lord. Because how often has He been faithful to remind me of His grace, to fill me with His peace and strength, to surround me with His presence, all simply as a result of my taking a few minutes to cry out to Him and wait for His response? I offered up a few small prayers of “Help!” but didn’t really pause in what I was doing to give Him due honor. I didn’t take time to rest and remember who my God is.

It wasn’t until I got home last night that I realized what God had shown me in the morning, what I had written out and was preparing to post, applied so perfectly to a large part of what occurred during my day. Perhaps He would have reminded me of it if I had given Him that time in the midst of everything I was dealing with.

I pray that this would serve as a reminder to me—to all of us—of how vital it is that we seek the Lord, His strength, and particularly His presence continually. So we don’t take a step on our own. So we don’t make a decision without His Spirit gently leading us. It isn’t necessarily needing to stop and spend 30 minutes in focused prayer every time a choice or a question comes our way; rather it is an intentional invitation for God to already be there with us. As He fills us with Himself, we will come to recognize His constant guidance as He speaks softly to us and leads us in His peace. But we have to seek His continual presence to get to this point. We certainly can’t get here without Him.

God’s strength is enough to carry us through any storm. It is enough to empower us to fight the battle and face the trial. And His presence…really, isn’t His presence everything? It is in the presence of our Lord that we experience the lavish riches of His grace. It is here, as He comes to meet us where we are, that we are assured of His steadfast, perfect love for us. It is here that He speaks to our heart and reminds us that He’s got this—whatever it is we’re facing, He is in absolute control. He is very aware of every hurt and fear we’re dealing with as a result, and He wants us to look to Him so He can prove His everlasting faithfulness to us.

So seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually. It is so very worth it.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Continually – Psalm 105:4

  1. It is so easy for us to get distracted and frazzled in our day and forget to turn to Him in the midst of our minor struggles. I love how the Lord provided you with what you needed for the day. Great post! Blessings!

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