Continued Faithfulness – Jeremiah 30:11; 31:3

“For I am with you to save you, declares the LORD…I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.” Jeremiah 30:11; 31:3

Everlasting love. Continued, endless faithfulness. From the almighty God who owns all things. He is with me to save me, actively working for my welfare, my hope, my joy, and my salvation.

When we are in Christ, we have every assurance of the faithfulness of God toward us. Our faith and our hope may waver, our heart may falter in its belief, but His faithfulness has never changed. It is constant. Our reality is that we walk in His faithfulness, and when we look to Him we see His steadfast love unfolding in breathtaking beauty before our eyes.

Whatever your circumstances, know that when you take refuge in Christ, trust in Him, wait on Him, you will not be ashamed. You will not be forsaken. You will not be let down. God Most High is on your side and has chosen to set His heart in love on you forever. That steadfast, perfect love which nothing can change because our God is unchangeable. He has plans for you that no one can alter because He is all-powerful, all-knowing, and absolutely in control.

“Return, O my soul, to your rest; for the LORD has dealt bountifully with you” (Psalm 116:7) He has abundant goodness stored up for you. Trust in Him, and He will prove Himself faithful.

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