Looking Always to Christ – Psalm 130:5

“I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I hope” Psalm 130:5

Lately I’ve been going through a challenging season of faith. There are some seasons where emotions are high and everything looks wondrous to your eyes…and there are others where you just don’t feel the thrill as easily. I find myself experiencing the latter. Which automatically makes me start analyzing myself to see what I’m “doing wrong.” But sometimes it isn’t a problem I need to fix or sin I need to deal with…it’s simply a season to walk through with my Lord. A season in which I learn to not base my choices or my commitment to Him on momentary emotions, and to decide to follow Him and draw near regardless. Because feelings shift and sway much too easily.

As I was praying over this and dwelling on it this morning, I came across this verse. It’s one that has so many beautiful applications. But today, God is speaking through it to meet me where I am. He is reminding me that this season shouldn’t result in looking to myself to get through it. It should result in my looking always to Christ. I wait for my Lord. My soul waits. And in His Word I hope. Because it is His Word that will stand forever. His promises are set, and they will never fail—even if the earth gives way and the mountains are removed. So even if everything I thought I could count on, everything that appeared immovable and sure, even if it all falls apart, the Word of my God never will. And according to His Word, He is always with me. He is steadfast and faithful. His love is perfect. His Spirit is within me, sealing me for His day of redemption and renewing me until that glorious day when I will be like Christ. He guides me flawlessly. He reveals any sin or hindrance that separates me from Him. His mercies are new every morning. His grace sustains me. He will show me His glory and I will be transformed into His likeness.

This is my hope. And it doesn’t matter what I feel in the moment. That’s what’s so wonderful about our God. He doesn’t change like we do. His Word isn’t contingent on our emotions, our strength, or our belief. It stands regardless. As unchanging and steadfast as the God who wrote each word. So we hope in Him, knowing that whatever season in which we find ourselves, we are not alone. We walk through it with our God who is faithful and true.

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