Ever Toward the Lord – Psalm 25:15

“My eyes are ever toward the LORD”
Psalm 25:15a

This morning, I want to take a few moments to focus on the importance of our relationship with the God of heaven. Religion is not the point. Doing the best you can to be a good person—or at least “good enough”—is not the goal. That will fall short. Knowing God is what it all comes down to. Beholding the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Beholding His glory, we are changed from the inside out. Transformed at our very core. Given a new nature that delights in our Lord’s glory above all else, one that worships and obeys Him. A nature that trusts Him and see that He is the supreme treasure. This change, this transformation, this new nature all comes from His Spirit who is given to us when we come to know Christ and trust in His sacrifice on the cross.

As a result of this, our life looks different. We follow Christ. We live out His example. We obey His commands. But the root of it is not man-made religion or our own strength. The root is Him. The root is this relationship that is ever-growing.

I believe the heart of it all can be seen in this beautiful phrase, “My eyes are ever toward the LORD.” We are fixed on His beauty. Captivated by His light. Determinedly looking to Him at all times. So temptation is overcome by our faith in the One to whom we look. Fear is overshadowed in the knowledge of His continued faithfulness and steadfast love. Confusion, distress, loss, pain, plans falling apart—if our eyes are ever toward our Lord, He will uphold us and bring us peace as we remember and trust in who He is. In times of happiness and evident blessing, when everything seems to fall into place, as we maintain our gaze toward our God, we will praise Him all the more and keep our joy where it should be: in the treasure of Christ, the One we can never lose and the One who truly satisfies.

It is this relationship that gives us life. I pray that you would see Him; that you would know Him; that you would love Him with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. It would be a tragedy to only receive words that make you feel good but leave you without any real hope or security. For those who know Christ, our hope can never be shaken. He is the stability of our times, abundance of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge (Isaiah 33:6). So let us fix our eyes on Him and rejoice as He transforms our heart to reflect the pure beauty and light of His glory.

Lord, for those who don’t yet know You, open the eyes of their heart to see Your glory. Reveal to them the truth and wonder of Your Word. Draw them to Yourself with a grace and love more powerful than they can imagine. For those of us who know You, may our eyes be ever toward You. We still falter at times. We still fail. Our sin nature wars with our desire to follow You. Fears threaten to tear down our faith. But when our eyes are on You, we walk in Your victory. No matter what loss or disappointment comes our way, we walk in the steadfastness of Your hope and the authority of Your purposes. Each day, may our aim be to draw near to the God who saves us, the God who keeps us, the God who loves us beyond measure and who can do all things.

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