By Command of God – 1 Timothy 1:1

“Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by command of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus our hope”
1 Timothy 1:1

Such strength is seen here in Paul’s opening statement. He is an apostle by the command of God. Upon reading this, the thought occurred to me: how lightly do we tend to view the call of God? Do we see it as a command? Or do we take it as a mere suggestion amidst all the other choices before us?

God has a purpose for each of our lives. We are an intentional thread He is weaving in His great tapestry that will display the glory of His grace and the greatness of His might. It’s so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day and miss that. We get wrapped up in our own tiny perspective, we allow fear and worry and doubt to cloud our thoughts, and we risk missing out on all that God has for us simply because we aren’t listening—or if we listen, we decide to go a different direction.

God Almighty does not hesitate to command us. His plan is for His glory, and He will see it displayed. How wonderful it is that He is a God of grace, goodness, and steadfast love. Because when His glory is all around us, we experience inexpressible joy and unspeakable wonder. He overwhelms our heart with His grace. He is God our Savior. He has bought us at an unfathomably high price—the price of His own blood. The infinite God who created the universe and upholds it by the word of His power humbled Himself. Not only to live a human life and walk among us sinners, but to die an agonizing, shameful death. To save us. That all would see His glorious grace.

When God clearly places a calling on our heart, we are to respond in faith. Whether He is calling us to trust in His salvation, to release the bitterness that is consuming our heart, to end the cycle of sin we seem to be stuck in, or to follow Him down a career path we never would have imagined and feel entirely inadequate for. Whatever the calling is, let us not allow fear or the knowledge of our own weakness to hold us back from obeying our Lord. He is all-powerful and His commands have weight. He will enable us to accomplish every task He lays before us, and He will take care of the outcome.

There are times when the leading of God is softer…when things simply fall into place and we walk the path before us, not seeing particularly mighty acts or commands to get us where God wants us to go. Regardless of His choice in how to guide us, let us trust Him to be faithful to be with us in every step. We obey Him; we maintain a reverent, holy fear of Him; we serve Him in love, with joyfulness and gladness of heart; and we look always to Christ Jesus, our hope. The One whose coming was the manifestation of the love of God toward us. The sign given to us of His faithfulness and power. We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us. Whatever our calling is, however God commands us to follow Him, we can trust that every detail is purposed for His glory and for our joy.

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