Our Beautiful Inheritance – Joshua 13:14

“To the tribe of Levi alone Moses gave no inheritance.
The offerings by fire to the LORD God of Israel are their inheritance, as he said to him.”

Joshua 13:14

Would this be enough for me? To watch others receive portions of land as an inheritance, and be set apart with only the Lord God as mine? Would I be content, would I rejoice in this lot, or would I look around and grumble?

Are the eyes of my heart enlightened enough to see the supreme treasure and delight that is my Lord?

Our vision gets clouded so easily. Blessings that others receive become our desire and our focus, and we develop an ideal in our minds of how much better our life would be if only we had their story. If only God would see fit to make our life more like theirs.

In a sermon on contentment, Charles Spurgeon once stated, “Unerring wisdom cast your lot.” We don’t know where we would be, we don’t know who we would be, if our life had taken a different path. But our Lord does. Our Lord who loves us more deeply and purely than we can fathom. Our Lord who gave His life for our sake. Willingly. Our Lord who created us, intricately weaving us together with all of our details. He knows our thoughts, our hopes, and our fears. And He wants us to surrender them all to Him so that our eyes can be opened to the wonder and satisfaction of who He is. It is in surrender that we are free to fully enjoy all the good things He has planned for us. Those purposes and plans of His heart that nothing can stop Him from accomplishing.

The God who created your heart wants to fill it with gladness stemming from the joy of knowing Christ. He wants to get you to a point where you can say wholeheartedly, “Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you” (Psalm 73:25). Of all things created and kept in both heaven and earth, the greatest and best of all is Jesus. The Lord of glory, the One in whom dwells all the fullness of God, the One who upholds the entire universe by the word of His power, the Savior who suffered and died so that we might know life everlasting. Heaven is a place of rejoicing and light because it is where our God is. We have no need for sun or moon there, and there will never be night, because the glory of our Lord will be our light forever. And we can know true, unadulterated and unshadowed joy here on earth when we fix our eyes on Christ and bask in His presence.

In Psalm 16:5-6, David writes, “The LORD is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot. The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.” The tribe of Levi had a beautiful inheritance. They received the best of all. Because their inheritance was to know fully the satisfaction and provision of their God, and to experience the joy in serving and knowing Him, unhindered by lesser things that could cloud the purity of their delight.

Whatever your life story looks like, know that the God of perfect love has written each of your days. Unerring wisdom has cast your lot. Fix your eyes on your Lord and rejoice that your portion is not found in this life—it is found in Him. He is your inheritance, and there is no greater treasure on earth or in all of heaven. The golden city with its foundations of jewels and gates of pearls pale in comparison to the glory of our God. I pray that each of us will better understand His surpassing worth and beauty, and more fully grasp His great love for us and the fullness of joy that is found in His presence.

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