True Worshipers – John 4:23

“But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth,
for the Father is seeking such people to worship him.”
John 4:23

“The Father is seeking such people to worship him.” What beautiful assurance is found here. The God of all is not seeking perfect people who will follow a set pattern of expectations, people who have the right background and credentials and whose lives fit a certain mold. He is intentionally seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and truth. Those who fix their eyes on Who He is and praise the glory of His magnificent grace.

It isn’t about getting everything right…it’s about coming before Him in humility, bowing at His majestic holiness, and worshiping Him with a pure heart that seeks His face. Our focus in worship mustn’t be ourselves or those around us. It must be our Lord. We look to His truth and make that the foundation of our worship, whether in singing or speaking or living out our lives for His glory. We allow it to penetrate our heart and we praise Him unreservedly.

The Spirit of God inhabits the praises of His people—the praises of those who are true worshipers, coming to Him not because of what they want to get out of it, but because of Who He is and what He has done for us in Christ. In those moments, when the Spirit comes and envelops the room in the glorious weight of His presence, He stirs our hearts to see more clearly the wonder of our God. Truth takes root as He continues His renewing, transforming, restoring work in us.

This sincere act of worship needs to be offered to our God regardless of what we feel. Regardless of what’s going on in our lives at that moment or how we can see God moving. This is our sacrifice of praise. And sacrifices are often difficult. But we bring them because our God is worthy. Worthy to receive honor and glory and blessing issued even from the lips of the broken and hurting. Something remarkable that I’ve found is when we come to Him broken and weary, choosing to worship Him in spite of the (seemingly endless) difficulty we’re going through, the Spirit of God comes to dwell in those praises and bring the sweet nearness of our God of all comfort.

Let us be true worshipers. Not those who paint on a face and try to look like they have it all together, but those who falter, those who feel lost at times, those who don’t understand why God allows certain things to happen—and they choose to worship and trust Him anyway. Because while our emotions and our circumstances shift and change, our God never does. He is always glorious, always faithful, and always good to His own. He knows your name. He knows your situation. And He is singing songs over you filled with His steadfast love.

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