The Obedience of Faith – Romans 1:3-5

“Jesus Christ our Lord, through whom we have received grace and apostleship
to bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of his name among all the nations”

Romans 1:4b-5

“The obedience of faith.” This is what should characterize the lives of those who choose to follow Christ. Strong, steady faith that our God is who He has declared Himself to be through His Word. Faith in what He has done for us in Christ. Faith in His power. Faith in His forgiveness. Faith in His justice. Faith in His unchanging-ness. Faith to believe that we are His, we are free, and our identity is found in Christ—not in someone else’s (or even our own) perception of ourselves. Faith to trust that His promises are sure, even when our world crashes. Faith to obey His commands and follow His leading, whether we understand the reasoning behind them or not. Faith to love others selflessly and to guard our heart carefully from cynicism, bitterness, and fear.

This obedient faith, displayed in our actions and words and the motivations of our hearts, declares to the world who our God is. It is a powerful statement of His reality and the surety with which we believe Him. If we say we believe in Him but then live in fear or shame or hesitation to obey or outright defiance to His commands, our words become empty. What does our life look like? How is our faith reflected in our reactions to the various difficulties of life?

Little moments, seemingly insignificant details in our responses, can be markers of the strength of our faith. So let us not cast them aside as unimportant. Rather, let us examine ourselves and draw nearer to the God who truly will never fail, the Lord who knows those who are His and will never cast us out. Let us live as those who have been snatched from the fire and made alive with Christ, whose sins have been forgiven and our record of debt canceled and nailed to the cross.

It is this faith that will make His name great among the nations. Our God is great, and His name is great in might. The world needs to know this. So let us live each day, each moment, in obedient and joy-filled faith.

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