His Goodness to Us – Psalm 27:13

“I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD
in the land of the living!”

Psalm 27:13

The goodness of the Lord doesn’t always look as we might expect. It doesn’t equate to a life of ease or getting whatever we want. It is not a guarantee of riches or health or popularity in this temporary, fleeting life.

His goodness to you, His child, may be seen in the strength He gives you for each day. In the deep sense of peace that fills you even as you receive news that breaks your heart or alters your entire life. In the sweet sense of His Spirit as He assures you that He is here and will never leave you. In the glimpses He shows you of how He is using your life, your story, your brokenness and faith to bring hope to those around you.

The goodness of our Lord surrounds us. It is real and true and it is not a cheap imitation. Our heavenly Father loves to give good gifts to His children. And maybe they will look like what we expect—or maybe they will be infinitely better. He knows us. Every detail. He knows what will cause our hearts to rejoice. He knows what is truly best, what will lead us to a life that is supremely satisfying because it draws us closer to Christ—the greatest treasure of all.

Our God is glorified in His faithfulness to His people. He is glorified in our choice to believe and trust Him when we can’t see the road ahead. He is glorified as He comes through for us, proving that the foundation of our hope is solid and will not fail us. We will look upon His goodness here. As you go forward today, walk confidently in this: “For your steadfast love is before my eyes, and I walk in your faithfulness” (Psalm 26:3).

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