When My Foot Slips – Psalm 94:18

“When I thought, ‘My foot slips,’
your steadfast love, O LORD, held me up.”

Psalm 94:18

As I read over this verse, I began to think of the times my foot has literally slipped. Those moments when suddenly your feet are out from under you and you’re falling fast. Panic rises quickly and you grasp for something to hang on to. When someone catches you in those moments, the relief you feel is immediate. And the effects of it can begin to root down deep, especially if there was a particular danger avoided. There is a sense of security that comes in realizing that you’re not alone—that someone has your back and is watching out for you, ready to take action.

I think it’s significant that the psalmist focuses on the steadfast love of the Lord to hold us up. His strength is not highlighted here. If strength was the focus of that phrase, questions could enter in: Does God see what’s happening? Does He care? Has He forgotten?

When we are relying on His steadfast love, when that is the basis for His holding us up, there is confidence that He will always be with us, always have His eyes on us, always be ready to catch us, because His love never changes. His strength and power show that He is able to uphold us. His love tells us that He will.

Lord, You’re so gracious to us. You’re so faithful. You love me with a love that is steadfast. Steady, secure, immovable, unshakeable, and unchanging. And because You love me so greatly, I can be confident that You will hold me up in moments when I slip and feel myself falling. You are my Sun and Shield, and You are always here. Thank You for finding me in a desert land, in the howling waste of the wilderness. You have encircled me, cared for me, and You keep me as the apple of Your eye. Strengthen us to know the depth of Your love and to rest in the peace that it brings.

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