Dealing Well With Me – Psalm 119:65

“You have dealt well with your servant,
O LORD, according to your word.”

Psalm 119:65

How often do I forget that my Lord deals well with me? That His goodness constantly pursues me, surrounds me, and is stored up for me? The goodness of my precious Lord, which does not always present itself in the way we expect, but which never fails to characterize His working in our lives.

Our God will always deal well with those who serve Him, love Him, take refuge in the shadow of His wings—because that is what He has declared in His word, and “Forever, O LORD, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens” (Psalm 119:89).

Untainted, unaltered by any outside force. Held firmly in the steadfastness of His character, upheld as the universe by the word of His power. Because our God is that great, and He will protect His Word and see that every promise is fulfilled for each of His children in His perfect wisdom, understanding, and grace.

Even in my affliction, my Lord deals well with me. Ensuring that this bruised reed will not break and this faintly burning wick will not be quenched (Isaiah 42:3). Upholding me in steadfast love. Shining the light of truth into the dark recesses of my heart. Piercing the darkness of difficult seasons with hope.

“Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I keep your word” (Psalm 119:67). This verse reminds me of Job 36:15, “He delivers the afflicted by their affliction and opens their ear by adversity.” Deliverance and true healing are worked in us through difficulty. It brings us to a place of renewed clinging to Christ, looking to Him, delighting in His Word and living in His truth. In this—in Him—we are healed to freedom, to joy, to thankfulness.

Whatever our season, whether one of mirth or sorrow, sunlight or shadow, our Lord is dealing well with us. All is purposed for our good, even that which the enemy may intend for our destruction. Our God is greater, and it is His purpose that will win out. We just need to keep looking to Him and calling to mind that “All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep his covenant and his testimonies” (Psalm 25:10).

“Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love
with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations”

Deuteronomy 7:9

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