Rest – Isaiah 30:15

“For thus said the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel,
‘In returning and rest you shall be saved;
in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.’”

Isaiah 30:15a

Rest seems to be the reminder my heart has heard over the past couple of days. A soft, gentle leading to quiet everything, cease striving, stop trying to figure everything out, and simply rest.

Because so often I allow burdens to weigh me down. I get caught up in questions and stresses and the busyness of life, and peace just flees. Which tends to leave me trying to get it back.

But peace isn’t really something you can attain. Our Lord gives it to us (John 14:27). And perhaps, in those moments when we’re caught in a cycle of striving, what is needed is to stop it all and simply rest and abide in His presence. Allow the Spirit of God to whisper softly whatever it is our heart needs to hear.

Reassurances of His presence, His strength, His power to do what seems impossible. Reminders of His goodness, His grace, and His love displayed for us on the cross.

Our Lord is great, and “a song of praise is fitting” (Psalm 147:1)—whether our current song is shouted from the mountaintops, quietly spoken from the depths of the valley, or faithfully sung as we journey in the in-between. Praise is fitting because our God is faithful and true no matter our circumstances. It looks different depending on where we are. There are times we will feel the sacrifice more than others—the sacrifice of our praise, the fruit of our lips declaring who our God is, even when our heart struggles to hold fast to our faith.

Whatever our situation, it is in returning to and abiding in our Lord that we find our strength. In the quietness of our heart, as we learn to trust Him in all things, we find our salvation. Salvation from fear. Salvation from worry. Salvation from the overwhelming burdens and difficulties of life. It is as we rest in God our Savior that we find freedom, peace, and strength. It is there that we find hope.

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”
Matthew 11:28-30

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