We Won’t Miss This – Psalm 16:5-6

“The LORD is my chosen portion and my cup;
You hold my lot.
The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.”

Psalm 16:5-6

If God holds my lot, that means He is in control of it. It rests, resides, in His hands. Those same hands that promise to keep me as His forever (John 10:29). It means that He is sovereign over the course of my life. I do recognize His allowance of free will and that any decided rebellion against what He leads me to do has its negative consequences (though sovereignty and redemption have their part in that as well) – but that isn’t really where my focus is this morning.

Rather, my thoughts are focused on the beautiful truth that if I am looking to Him and endeavoring to listen and obey and follow and trust, I won’t miss my “lot.” Because even if I misread something, and even if I slip in my efforts to keep on His path, He will honor my heart that longs to run after Him. That heart which loves Him but is prone to wander, prone to distraction, prone to overanalyzing and complicating what He lays out before me. I will not be cast headlong, because I am upheld and my life is directed by my sovereign, gracious heavenly Father. I will not miss the “lot” He has lovingly, wisely, purposefully chosen for me.

And neither will those whose lives are and will be intertwined with and affected by mine.

Because this isn’t even just about me. Yes, God will preserve my lot and give me counsel (Psalm 16:7) because He loves me, but He is also actively preserving the lot He has purposed and designed for those who will be impacted by mine.

This isn’t ultimately about me. While there is light and joy and the goodness of the Lord before me in my path, this is all ultimately about Him. And that is a good thing. Because it underscores the certainty that our God won’t fail here. There is more at stake than just how my personal story will play out. It’s not just my story – it is His. It’s a part of His tapestry and the unveiling of His glory and personal action in our lives.

This lot that He chooses for me, for each one of us, is about His glory, and how glory will be revealed in our lives through salvation and changed hearts, through restored relationships and redeemed brokenness, through faithfulness and love and brilliant hope in the midst of struggle.

It is about Him. And that is a beautiful, wonderful thing. Because His glory and our joy are irrevocably intertwined. So rejoice today, knowing that God holds your lot firmly in His loving hand. He will see it through to completion. You only need to continue looking to Him, listening for His voice, and faithfully walking the path He sets before you. You aren’t going to miss this. You aren’t going to miss Him.

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