Quiet Mercies – Psalm 125:2

“As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
so the LORD surrounds His people,
from this time forth and forevermore.”

Psalm 125:2

It seems a quiet morning. But perhaps the quiet is bringing my attention to the renewed peace in my soul. Because it is still there.

Rest is enough.

Breathing in the moments with my God, reading His Word because it is His, and resting in the assurance that He is here. That there is a God who sees me, and His Spirit is present here. That in my drawing near, He draws near as well.

I had to simplify to get back to this place. And I needed to gather around me some who would pray for this – because discouragement had become more characteristic of these moments than anything else. Mornings had become a fight, a struggle to focus and hear and believe that God would speak. More often than not, there was a felt emptiness.

But our God values relationship. He values relationship with you. And His Word is still life for us. Breathing peace and bringing light and stirring conviction. Guiding us continually to the One who is our peace, light, and righteousness.

So today, I’m resting in the truth that my God is here, and that He is faithful.

That His mercies are new each morning, and sometimes they look different. Sometimes they come quietly, in soft reminders of His presence, provision, faithfulness, and calling. And those quiet moments are no less notable than the others.

My God is here, and that is enough.

May His presence be enough for you as well, in your quiet moments. Breathing in His peace, and quieting your heart to simply rest in the knowledge that He is here.

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