A Few Details

I grew up surrounded by music, and it’s one of my favorite details of life. I sing all the time. I also love to write, and a few years ago I published a book titled Wilderness Like Eden: Devotions for Our Darkest Days. It’s one of those things I didn’t at all expect or plan, but God brought it about. It still amazes me and is tangible evidence to me of what God is able to do with our brokenness when we surrender ourselves and our story to Him.

I have a fondness for simplicity. There’s a beauty in things that are simple and pure that I don’t want to miss.

I love picnics on sunny days, naps on rainy days, and curling up with a blanket at any time.

I count down to shark week, the Olympics, and college football.

I’m kind of a planner but I also love being spontaneous and somewhat impractical.

I value authenticity and strive to be transparent.

I am learning the secret of being content and thoroughly enjoying my abundant life. God seems to keep rearranging my view of life and the future, and it’s so exciting to see how He leads and what He lays on my heart.

His plans are always bigger and better than mine, and I try to live in eager anticipation of what He’s going to do.

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