My Story

I was never one to be consistent in spending quality time reading the Bible and listening to what God wanted to say. I knew that I should and I wanted to get to a place where it was a daily occurrence. I just couldn’t get the hang of it. It wasn’t until I went through a time of heartbreak that all of this changed. All I had to really cling to was the truth of God’s Word. And I found it to be breathtakingly beautiful. I discovered that the verses it contains truly are treasure. There is richness and depth that now I don’t want to miss.

I started out simply sharing what God had shown me with a friend who was hurting. I didn’t intend for those emails to become devotions, but they quickly did. Every day. A few weeks in, I ran out of the storehouse of verses and insights I was sharing. So then began a journey that has been the greatest of my life. I realized the beauty in recognizing my entire dependence on God every day. Because if He doesn’t speak through His Word, if there is not a nugget of truth revealed to me, I have nothing to write.

At first there were times of anxiety: what if God doesn’t speak? What if He tries and I don’t hear Him? What if I run out of things to say? But God is faithful. He is infinitely great and His wonders never cease. He is still speaking, giving me words to write that shine with the glory of His grace. That email list has expanded beyond that one dear friend. I’m humbled and amazed to think of how God is using me in this ministry that I never would have dreamed of.

A few people had mentioned posting the devotions on a blog. I wasn’t against it, but didn’t feel compelled to follow through with the idea until a day early in 2013. I was given a fresh glimpse of how God can speak through these words to people that I don’t know. So I chose to step out and will continue to do so, faithful to share what God shows me in His Word, trusting that He will continue to speak.

6 thoughts on “My Story

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